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Kittens are always trouble, but only a dead one could cause this much chaos.

 Ghostdom’s archenemy, evil scientist Jason Jones, has broken out of prison—with a little help from wicked dictator Yoon Lee Dongpang. Yoon Lee wants to rule the world, and he plans to use Jason’s ideas for harnessing live brains, installing them in his new super computer.

When the going gets rough, who can the Ghastly Committee call? It’s Sara, the kitten ghost to the rescue. Dead but not down. However, there’s a catch. She’s been saddled with a human partner named Joel. The living and their little rules! Well, she’ll see if she can teach him a thing or two.

Sarah and Joel will have to fight Úmbra ghosts, spies, and the whole Honywuan military in their hunt for the mad scientist. Will they find him before he can put his new living computer to use? Will their partnership survive the experience? Will they?”