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Being a teenager sucks, and it only gets worse when you die.

Sixteen is far too young to die. Tragically killed in a freak motor accident, Leanne finds herself haunting the spot near where she died—which just happens to be her favorite coffee house. She’s determined to remain there until she can thank the brave women who tried to save her life.

Leanne discovers she’s more than just a ghost with a purpose…and she is far from alone. Acquiring a pet ghost kitten named Sara, Leanne intends to show that ghosts just want to have fun. But not all spirits are friendly, and some are determined to get rid of this new entity among them.

To make matters worse, someone in the living realm is stealing ghost essences. Leanne and Sara—assisted by a host of other ghosts—have to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late…even if they have to work with the living to do so!