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Will three days drug and alcohol free be Emilia’s beginning or her end?

Emilia has tried to quit her addiction to oxycodone and alcohol many times before, but has never lasted more than a day. Now she’s been off them for three days, but her body is in rebellion and her withdrawal symptoms are about to drive her back. She knows she must do something different this time and goes to a SMART Recovery meeting.

Even in her state of withdrawal, she’s drawn to the tall handsome Mosi, who runs the meeting. But a man like him could never look at a woman like her. Could he?

This is her story. Her successes and failures on her road to a new life. Even as she struggles to remain clean and sober, a strange artefact from the ancient past of her people drags her unwillingly into provincial politics. Can she maintain abstinence through it all? Will her hopes be dashed…again? Or will she finally find healing from her addictions and the hope of genuine love?

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